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Dr. Lunlun Zou - World Renowned Guzheng Artist Master

Dr. Lunlun Zou and Lang Lang at 2015 World Outstanding Chinese Artist Award Ceremony

Lunlun Zou Biography

Lunlun Zou belongs to world’s leading guzheng artists. Her professional and creative focus includes music composition, performance, teaching and promotion of Chinese music. She is the director and member of the 3 Girls’ Band.


Lunlun was born in a family with four generations-long tradition of guzheng virtuosity. She started playing guzheng at age 2 and undertook serious music studies at age 7 when she entered the Preparatory at the Shenyang Conservatory of Music. At age 18 she begun music studies at the Shenyang Conservatory, where she was taught by masters Zhao Yuzhai, Cao Zheng, Lu Diansheng and Zhang Jinxia. Four years later she graduated with highest honours.


In 1991 she was appointed as a guzheng soloist in the Liaoning Dance Troupe. In 1995 she moved to New Zealand where she was teaching guzheng and performing. In 1997 she was invited by the New Zealand’s Governor General to perform for the opening ceremony of the Asian Arts Festival at the Governor’s House. In 1999 she performed for China’s President Jiang Zemin during his visit in Sydney and in 2004 for the Chief Executive of Macau Edmund Ho.


With New Zealand’s Prime Minister James Bolger


She is most admired for her distinctive, free-spirited and cheerful performing style. Lunlun Zou has performed on the stages of some of the world’s best regarded concert halls, including Vienna, Frankfurt, Los Angeles, San Francisco and the Sydney Opera. She has performed for world’s leading political and business dignitaries, including China’s President Jiang Zemin, Australian Prime Minister John Howard and New Zealand Prime Minister Jenny Shipley.


Lunlun has been performing in public since very young age and often took part in competitions of Chinese traditional music, won many prizes and awards. While living in Australia, Lunlun established a Chinese traditional band 3 Girls’ Band which has since been performing throughout Australia and Hong Kong, including the Sydney Opera House, while focusing on Chinese classical as well as contemporary compositions.

She plucks strings not only with her hands, but also with her heart, passionately and gracefully, with ease and confidence. Her effortless play carries a charge of joy, which is very infectious to everyone in the audience. Because of her love for music, Lunlun strives passionately to promote rich Chinese and Asian cultural heritage inside and outside China.






古箏大師鄒倫倫以其優美而絢爛的演奏風格聞名,她的表演有著強大的感染力,散發攝人的魅力。表演經驗豐富的她踏片世界頂尖級的舞台,包括悉尼歌劇 院,紐西蘭國家劇院,維也納,法蘭克福,美國洛杉磯,三藩市等。她的聽眾包括不少政治名人,社會名流,如中國國家主席江澤民,澳洲總理霍華德及紐西蘭總理 詹尼謝普利。






1991年她為遼寧舞蹈團古箏獨奏擔任獨奏,1995年移居紐西蘭開始教授古箏,並積極參與古箏演奏,如紐西蘭博物館舉行的中紐友好聯盟, 《Orient Express Radio》、《Page 90》、 《Gallery of Porirua》和《Genghis Khan Cultural Heritage Exhibition》等。1997年更獲紐西蘭總督邀請出席於總督府的亞洲美術節開幕禮並任表演嘉賓。其後1999年國家主席江澤民以及2004年澳門 特別行政區行政長官何厚樺到訪期間,鄒倫倫也獲邀任表演嘉賓。





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