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Ms. Jessica Yuen is an experienced music educator and concert performer who has a deep passion for music and music education.  She dedicated business owner and music teacher to over 1800 students and a versatile and active concert performer of piano, guzheng, harp, and violin. Jessica’s professional and music footprints are stretched across many continents, including Asia, North America, and Europe. 


She studied the Canadian Royal Conservatory of Music, ARCT in piano with Mr. Edwin Gnandt from Ambrose University. She later started the violin with Mr. Ben Neumman from the Mount Royal Conservatory.  Her professional Guzheng performance studies were taken with Dr. Lunlun Zou from Hong Kong and later continued with her Harp study with Mr. Park Stickney from Switzerland. 


She holds an MBA and Master of Research degree from the University of Liverpool, a Post-graduate PGCert Strings teaching certificate (Violin) from the University of Chichester, United Kingdom, and her bachelor degree in Sociology from the University of Calgary. She is currently working on her Violin Performance Research and her Ph.D. research project in the area of Women in Classical Music.

She is also a Certified Music for Young Children teacher, Certified Early Childhood Montessori Teacher, Royal Conservatory of Music Canada Advance Teaching Specialist in Piano, Violin, Theory, Music History, and Harmony.


Besides her academic and research involvement, she is currently the Director of Development for the European Strings Teacher Association (ESTA UK Branch) for their Teacher Education program, North American Division. She founded Fusion Arts & Music Festival in Calgary, Canada, and Musesica Fusion Trio ensemble, performed for National Music Center and Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra event in 2019 & 2020. She is actively teaching and founded Viva Musica, Academy of Performing Arts in the city of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


In addition to her music education involvement, Jessica is also an international concert Pianist, Violinist, and Guzhengist.  

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