Music Educator - Jessica Yuen, Founder of Viva Musica Studio

Ms Jessica Yuen is an experienced music educator who has a deep passion for music and music education.  She dedicated herself to contribute to music education with young children since teaching her first piano student at age 15 and has worked with over 1500 students throughout her music education career. 


Born in Hong Kong, Jessica’s parents had to work hard to provide for the family with 3 kids.   Given the choice between learning piano and buying new toys, at age 6, Jessica chose to learn piano with the goal in mind to learn to play one of his dad’s favourite songs as a thank you gift for him.  Ever since then, Jessica practiced piano daily to perfect her skills.


At age 13, Jessica and her family immigrated to Canada and eventually settled themselves in the beautiful city of Calgary.  Upon completing her Royal conservatory Grade 8 exam, Jessica continued her Piano Grade 10 & ARCT piano studies with Mr. Edwin Gnandt from Ambrose University and later started the violin with Mr. Ben Neumman from the Mount Royal Conservatory during her high school year.  Her love of music continued to grow as she started learning violin in 1996, guzheng in 2004, and harp in 2008. 


As a lifelong learner, Jessica obtained her Bachelor of Sociology degree concentrating in crime and deviance in 2004.  Later in 2011, she completed her Master of Business Administration concentrating on business leadership, and is currently studying Doctorate of Business Administration concentrating in Education Business research, both of which are with the University of Liverpool, UK.


Jessica started teaching her first piano student since 1995 through private lessons.  Through word of mouth, she soon was driving all over the city to work with piano students of all ages and grades.  In 2006, Jessica started her first piano studio, Viva Musica, Academy of Music and Arts in Silver Springs to share her passion for the arts with more students.  She and her team of music teachers offer private piano, violin, guitar, harp, voice, and art lessons of all levels.   As a certified Music for Young Children teacher, Jessica also offers parented group piano lessons to students from pre-schoolers to teenagers.  Students are able to continue in a group-class setting all the way to Royal Conservatory Grade 7, using her uniquely designed curriculum.  Later in 2015, Jessica became a certified Early Childhood Montessori teacher and started Viva Musica at a second location in Royal Oak, expanding her music education programs by offering pre-school music programs with Montessori approach and music programs for babies and toddlers (Baby Playdate Musica).

Her love for the sound of resonating strings and oriental music motivated her to learn guzheng after finishing her Bachelor Degree.  Since 2007, Jessica has been learning guzheng with Dr. Lun Lun Zou who lives in Hong Kong via Skype lessons.  The two music enthusiasts have since become friends and in 2016, a conversation with Dr. Zou about her vacation in Calgary has turned into tonight’s concert!


With her love of music and passion for music education, Jessica strives to continue providing excellent music education programs to her students and sets high expectations for them by reflecting and being inspired from her experience as a guzheng student and a lifelong learner.

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